It’s official, I have a website!

Finally! I have my very own website! All my work for this semester has all paid off with this website. I hope to continue to work on it and improve it in any way I can because I would love to use it to show potential employers! Check it out below, hope you enjoy it! Continue reading


Video Project

It’s finally done! I am so happy with my video project on student involvement at Furman University. Even though this took me hours upon hours to finish, I’m so happy it is done and looking great! Hopefully you enjoy it too! Continue reading

The Age of User Friendliness

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, writing and designing for the web is an art. There is much more focus put on concise information and pages that can be easily navigated, because the truth is that web users scan most web pages. In the following readings, the authors have presented many ways to make a website more user friendly. Some of these I’ve never put much thought into, but now I see that when done correctly, you can simplify your site in a major way.  Continue reading

The Aesthetics of Editing

Editing is a major element to the video-making process. When done poorly, it is very noticeable and sometimes hard to watch. But when done well, it should seem flawless and not draw too much attention. In this reading, Osgood and Hinshaw describe the important role editing plays and how it can organize a video and make it come together. The main topics described in this chapter are, getting inside the viewer’s head, turning theory into practice, and technique.  Continue reading

My Slideshow

Here is my slideshow! The topic that I chose for this class is student involvement at Furman University and how it shapes our college experience. I feel like everyone I meet at Furman is very involved, whether it’s academic clubs, intramural sports, greek life, or any other student organization. Personally, I know that my involvement in a sorority and my acapella group has made my experience at Furman so special. This topic is something that I really care about, which is why I chose it! For this particular slideshow, my aim was to show the average student you would find at Furman and how many groups they participate in. I used my wonderful roommate Karlee as my main model for this project. I really tried to emphasize, maybe over-exaggerate, the amount of activities and groups she is involved in, so I decided to give my slideshow the title: A Day in the Life of the Most Involved Student at Furman. Continue reading

Using Screens as Our Frames

In the opening of the reading The Two-Dimensional Field: Forces Within The Screen, Zetti states that “the screen is our new personal frame of reference”. She then introduces the concept of field forces by saying that “within this frame of reference operate highly specific field forces”. There are six major types of these field forces, which are: main directions, magnetism of the frame and the attraction of mass, asymmetry of the frame, figure and ground, psychological closure, and vectors.

Continue reading

The Production of Meaning

The Production of Meaning

This second chapter is an in-depth look at how viewers make meaning, hence the title Viewers Make Meaning. The sentence that I think best summarizes the whole chapter is this: “meanings are produced through the complex negotiations that make up the social process and practice though which we produce and interpret images.” (49) Although it’s a wordy sentence, I think it really highlights the different sections of the chapter.  Continue reading

A Single Image Can Serve Many Purposes

In the chapter Images, Power, and PoliticsSturken & Cartwright discuss the importance and meaning of the images that surround us. Every day, we try to make sense of the world by finding meaning in the images we are presented. As stated in the beginning of the chapter “we live in cultures that are increasingly permeated by visual images with a variety of purposes and intended effects.” Images can mean different things to different people, especially in our society where we are bombarded by images in advertisements, magazines, etc. Images help us create a representation of the world, but each image can serve a multitude of purposes.  Continue reading

My Infographic

My Infographic

For our assignment, we had to design and create an infographic about either our topic for our project, graphic design strategy, or strategies for writing well. I chose to do my infographic about my project topic because I thought it would be more interesting. My project topic is about student organizations at Furman University and how they shape our college experience. Continue reading